About Us

Born Out of Necessity

We were born a marketing agency and after years of client meetings, we realized there was a gap in the market. The data picture was not complete. Even though we’d make and implement a great ad campaign for a client, they were constantly questioning the effectiveness and value of our services (sound familiar?). This pain point drove us to develop an intelligence and could track, measure and report campaigns. It was so successful with our clients that we scaled our dashboard out to other agencies, media companies as well as a large play within the automotive industry. Hence the name Return Flight (measure your return!). Our intelligence dashboard later evolved into a complete marketing suite of agency-specific automation tools.

Who We Work With

Today, Return Flight is a software as a service company that empowers agencies and media organizations with the tools, training, and technology to grow their digital marketing sales targeting small and medium-sized businesses. Specifically, our system helps agencies acquire better leads, easily onboard them into clients, manage their digital marketing campaigns, and prove your worth to them.

 Marketing Agencies

Media Companies

Radio and TV Stations

Core Values

Companies that stop innovating die a painful death. Since Potenza’s inception, constant innovation and reinvention has gotten us to where we are today and will only take us further into future ventures.

We’re allergic to being average. From our work to our approach, we hold ourselves as well as our clients to a higher standard.

The end result is always rewarding but we’re a collection of grinders, and we’re just as passionate about the process as well as the result.

From start to finish, we are transparent to ensure that our clients get the best results in a timely and efficient manner.

We are flexible in our approach and value a variety of opinions, skills, and perspectives among clients, vendors, and in-house personnel.

Leading Agency-Specific
Marketing Automation Tools

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