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With Automated Client Acquisition Tools


Return Flight offers a comprehensive set of automated lead nurturing and client acquisition tools that have the ability to tell you which prospects aren’t interested, which need a little warming up, and of course – which are ready to work with your company!

Lower Your Client
Acquisition Cost

On-Board Clients

Accommodate Any
Size Client

Grow Your Client Roster Smartly & Quickly


Client Needs Analysis

We offer prospecting tools that help you quickly and accurately find which customers to target, then close the sale with accurate information and insights.

Quote Builder

Once you’ve found out who to target, automate your quoting process. Quotes can be generated and sent at the touch of a button.


Strategy & Acquisition Support

Tweaking through the world of Digital marketing doesn’t have to feel like getting lost in a jungle. In today’s landscape, high client turnovers as well as shrinking margin are  a real thing. However, our team can help you turn your digital product offerings into a profit center and real asset for your organization.

Training & Tutorials

Return Flight products are backed by a team of digital marketing experts ready to help guide your company. No question is too difficult and no question is too simple for our award-winning team. Product videos and ebooks are also available anytime.


Leading Agency-Specific
Marketing Automation Tools

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