Deliver More Effective Inventory-Advertising

Return Flight provides a suite of ad products that use artificial intelligence to pair live dealership inventory with marketing data to effectively reach more auto shoppers.

 4-5x’s higher CTRs

 Higher Quality Scores = Lower CPCs [Cost Per Click]

 Higher Conversion Rates

 2-3x’s More VDPs from Paid Search

 Double the Phone & Email Leads

 70% Less Wasted Ad Spend

A Multi-Attack Approach to More Sales

Search Ads

Automate keyword management

Integrate with 100’s of Inventory Management Systems

70% less wasted ad-spend

Social Media Ads

Combines inventory-driven programmatic ads with re-targeting capabilities

Displays right in an auto intender’s Facebook news feed or on Facebook’s ad network

VIN-level re-targeting

Inventory-Driven Display

Display ads are driven by live inventory that can be customized based on demographic, behavior, context

Advertise on some of the web’s most popular sites

This type of display ad can be programmed to re-target, making it twice as powerful


Target existing customers with the perfect vehicle at the perfect time with the perfect message

Guaranteed performance: 8% or higher open rate

100s of filtering options including categorical email targeting (auto intenders, auto brand, auto owners, auto age, truck owners, etc.)

Email template generator that saves your dealership time and money

Direct Mail

Create leaner, direct mail campaigns that are driven by data and insights

Conduct pin-point, accurate geographic and demographic segmentation for all campaigns of up to 400 characteristics with ease

Mobile Ads

Ad technology that applies innovative geographic, demographic, behavioral, and other targeting tools to allow your dealership to take your mobile ad spend to a whole new level

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