Enhance and Scale Your
Team’s Expertise and Productivity

with Automated Machine Learning for Insights and Ad Management (A.M.E.L.I.A.)


Learn-As-You-Go Technology

A.M.E.L.I.A has the ability to learn campaign nuances and reveal insights once only done by an expensive, high-level human marketer.


Marketing to A Market of One

A.M.E.L.I.A allows your team to create personal, data-driven, brand experiences that allow your clients to create more intelligent recommendations, therefore shortening the consumer purchase journey.


Free Up Time & Intellect

Rely on A.M.E.L.I.A. to quickly handle the digital ad grunt work and bottlenecks while your team can invest more time in high-quality creative and strategic work.

What is Automated Machine Learning?

Automated machine learning is technology that can reason, plan, solve problems, think abstractly, comprehend complex ideas, and quickly learn from experience.

A New Era in Marketing

Automated machine learning marks a quantum leap forward replacing the programmable era. This new era brings with it the key differences in how systems are built and interact with humans.

In the programmable era humans do most of the directing, thus a lot of button pushing. The new era is about cognitive thinking – how we gather information, access it, and make decisions. Think of  A.M.E.L.I.A. as a super marketing assistant that works hand-in-hand with her human counterpart, enhancing and scaling your human talent pool

Why Should I Care As A Marketer?

A.M.E.L.I.A. is a next-gen cognitive machine that will change the way marketers work. She provides decision support and reduces paperwork at thousands of time the rate a human can do by-hand. This in turn, reduces cost and increases expertise for your agency at astronomical rates!

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