Attribution and KPI Tracking

Our Multi-Touch Attribution lets you see the entire consumer journey for each customer from initial lead all the way through service after the sale.

Measure Engagement Around Each Vehicle

360 Degree View of Lead Opportunities

Track Down to The Keystroke Never Lose a Lead!

See the Whole Purchase Funnel Of An Auto Shopper

Key Features

Auto Target Opportunity Dashboard

Identify inbound leads from all marketing sources.

Match sales and inventory data to specific users. Includes path to purchase data.

Uses Autotarget to identify auto intenders from within your database and in your market for outreach campaigns via phone, email, and direct mail.

Seamless Integration

You’ll be able to connect all your other digital marketing services together into one dashboard. This allows faster and better marketing data for your dealership.

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VDP Tracker 2.0

  • Track every VDP for each vehicle
  • Attribute sales to each VIN
  • Attribute leads to each VIN
  • Track merchandising performance
  • Track referral sources for each VIN
  • Track top performing Make | Model | Trim
  • Additional VDP tracker enhancements available

Works With All Inventory Management Systems

Our dashboard works by plugging into both your DMS and IMS systems to leverage that data into actionable and intelligent insights.

Multi-Touch Attribution

Gain a 360-degree view of your lead opportunities. You’ll be able to see the whole purchase funnel of each car shoppers journey.

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