A Digital Media Makeover

Return Flight’s suite of technology has allowed this broadcast partner to be a digital powerhouse and offer their clients digital tools to help grow their business while at the same time help the broadcast group grow their revenue as well.

Since the inception of Return Flight, we’ve been strategic partners with one of the largest and most diverse television broadcast groups in the country. This broadcast group owns and operates over 150 television stations nationwide. Additionally, they possess an army of account executives who successfully sell TV inventory to SMBs of all industries and sizes. As digital has caused a shift in how marketing and ad dollars are spent, thousands of account executives needed to be able to become experts and sell custom digital solutions to clients. The biggest pain points stopping  this broadcast group from successfully rolling out digital products were met including:

Custom Technology Needs

Clients especially that are small businesses come in all different shapes and sizes. Thus, some industries require special technologies just for them. One thing we did to combat the onslaught of custom needs was to create tools specifically for certain industries such as Autopilot for the automotive industry. Our broadcast partner then built a vertical-specific division for automotive, in which  we armed them with specialized, powerful tools to help auto dealers gain more walk-ins and sales.

• Do-It-Your-Self Clients

Some clients were small budget, do-it-your selfers that required minimal touch. Automation tools such as self-service signups and easy-to-access online training helped the DIY crowd.

• Do-It-With Me Clients

Other clients were do-it-with me level (DIWM). These clients often have an in-house marketing person on staff that needed digital support and collaboration. Account executives were able to go in and become partners with these clients.

• Do-It-For-Me Clients

Lastly, the enterprise-level crowd, the do-it-for-me crowd (DIFM), needed white-gloves level service, and all major features. Types of clients served included a major consumer packaged good food product brand, and several auto dealer groups.

Scaling Issues

This broadcast company needed tech that could be scaled up or down so no client’s needs were not met. We broke-down the group’s client roster into 3 types and tailored a solution for each type

Digital Solutions Being Priced Too High

Quality solutions are often priced too high for both the provider and retailer (media company or agency) to make a healthy margin. Return Flight’s products are sold at a wholesale rate to agency and media partners so all parties involve win. Additionally, the client wins as well being they are offered different scalable subscription pricing based on size and need.

Lack of Reporting

Even if the account executives and C-level execs. had the data in their hand, with other reporting systems, the data was often confusing. Return Flight’s easy-to-use tools and interface helped humanize the broadcast group’s data woes and made the puzzle much simpler.