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Marketing has become fragmented to the point where measuring and reporting confusing a black hole of jargony data. Additionally, you’re spending all of your clients’ ad budgets on all types of ad platforms and aren’t even sure which ones are working an which ones are not. In other words, are my clients’ campaigns working? With Return Flight you now can uncover the data needed to gain a true ROI, all translated to you in a easy to understand format.

Lower Your Client
Acquisition Cost

On-Board Clients

Accomodate Any
Size Client

Grow Your Client Roster Smartly & Quickly


Translate Results in Plain English

Using our proprietary artificial technology, Word Track, our software analyzes your campaign results and translates them into the simplified numbers your clients care about. Additionally, Word Track is fully-customizable as clients have varying needs and often differ in key performance indicators for their businesses. Additionally, Word Track helps you on-board your clients quicker.

Prove Your Value

Build, trust, and strengthen relationships with your clients by accurately measuring the effectiveness of every campaign with Return Flight, our marketing dashboard.

Gain A True ROI

From digital to traditional our end-to-end marketing and ad campaign management tools allow you to see and analyze the total picture.


Connect Your Client’s Marketing Directly to Sales

Directly tie your client’s sales team performance to ad spend as our platform integrates with your existing CRM platform.


Reduce Churn Rate

Trekking through the world of Digital marketing doesn’t have to feel like getting lost in a jungle. In today’s landscape, high-client turnovers as well as shrinking margins are a real thing. However, our team can help you turn your digital product offerings into a profit-center and real asset for your organization.

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